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“Kangana commands respect and even remuneration that she is worthy of”: Shatrughan Sinha


Kangana Ranaut is one of the very few actors who have not only made it big in the Industry solely on basis of talent, but are also broadening their horizons by branching out into other aspects of filmmaking like writing and direction. Her Directorial debut, Manikarnika, is a shining example of how Kangana fought against all odds to stand by her vision and deliver good cinema.

Even though most people from the industry refrain from speaking about her achievements, recently in a rapid fire by a publication, actor turned politician, Shatrughan Sinha was asked what he thought of Manikarnika and Kangana Ranaut. The veteran actor, who clearly was impressed with Kangana, spoke of how labelling a brave woman like Jhansi Ki Rani as a man amongst mutineers are unfair, “Labelling a strong woman, a woman of substance as a man is not a compliment. A strong woman doesn’t need to be labelled as a man to celebrate her strength. The Rani of Jhansi was not only a model human, but a role model for freedom fighters as well. She was a fierce fighter, who lived and died for the country. She was a proud daughter of India.”

When asked about Kangana’s performance, the he said, “As far as Kangana Ranaut is concerned, she again is a remarkable self-made lady. She made it on her own terms, against all odds, in a male dominated industry. She gives any actor – male or female – tough competition. She commands respect and even remuneration that she’s worthy of. God bless, long live Kangana! She’s a role model of woman empowerment.”

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